Inspired art by Willie Strydom

Here, Willie Strydom gives us his feelings as to what inspires him. The first question we have to ask is: 'What inspires him to paint such a wide range of scenes with an unashamed use of colour'?

Willie Strydom Stellenbosch


Willie Strydom District - Six

District - Six

With a background in engineering Willie Strydom admits to his love for structures, and in particular old or historic buildings. Hence his prolific range of scenes ranging from the cosy streets of Stellenbosch to the historic lifestyle of District six.

From the fishing docks and over the mountains to the meandering Winelands with their proud Cape Dutch gables. Through Namaqualand, the Karoo and beyond to the Bushveld, farms and rural villages.

Willie Strydom Fishing Boats

Fishing Boats

Willie Strydom Winelands


Willie Strydom Karoo Windmill

Karoo Wind-mill

When I asked Willie Strydom what of the colour? He had this to say:

I paint mainly in acrylic and oil. Acrylic paint allows me to really express myself with bold colour; I love the vibrant colour this versatile medium gives me. With the bright sunshine we enjoy in South Africa I can really interpret our landscapes in bright colours.

I draw inspiration from the vast verity of landscapes this country has to offer, it's changing climates and it's vibrant history. Especially that from the old District six and the Bo-Kaap.

It does not matter if it is acrylic paint or oil paint, I must paint everyday. That is when I am the happiest. The overwhelming emotion to create art is still with me after many years of painting professionally and I trust that it will still be there for many years to come.

Willie Strydom Cape Farm

Cape Farm

Willie Strydom Landscape

Panaromic Landscape

So let's have a look at some of these colourful scenes by Willie Strydom.

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