Welcome to Willie Strydom Urban Street Gallery

Willie had this to say about why he enjoys urban landscape paintings:

As an artist I always wondered why artist painted cityscapes or street scenes. (boring subject) Then I myself started looking at street scenes and discovered that there is so much life and colour in a street.

My urban gallery paintings portray my observation of these streets. The more I looked the more excited I became, only then did I see the textures and colour that I never saw before...




Autum in Stellenbosch


Hanover Street in District-6


Morning Shopping in District-6


Old District-6


Fish-card in District-6

On rainy days my observation hit a new high, the reflection of the buildings and people on the wet streets was so inspiring, and all of a sudden a wet street became alive with so many options. No longer is the street a dull grey tarmac, it comes to life with all the surrounding colours reflecting on the street, and that is what I try to portray in my urban gallery.

The old district six in Cape Town and the Bokaap has inspired many artists for many years, including myself. With its old colonial and Dutch style architecture the possibilities for good paintings is endless.

So let's have a look at some of these colourful scenes by Willie Strydom.

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