Willie Strydom Seascapes

Welcome to Willie Strydom Seascape Gallery

The Sea and the life it brings has always fascinated me as far back as I can remember. When ever you go to the sea there is always boats, people, fisherman fishing and lots of sea gulls along the shore line. Very interesting subject matter to paint. I especially enjoy painting boats as there shapes are quit difficult to master.

Willie Strydom Early Morning Launch

Early Morning Launch

Willie Strydom Morning Mist Houtbay

Morning Mist Houtbay

Willie Strydom Sunset Velddrif

Sunset Velddrif

Willie Strydom Knysna Heads

Knysna Heads

Willie Strydom Inspecting the Catch

Inspecting the Catch

Willie Strydom West Coast Boatyard

West Coast Boatyard

Willie Strydom Waiting for the Snoek

Waiting for the Snoek

Willie Strydom Fishing Boats Houtbay

Fishing Boats Houtbay

The reflection of the fishing boats and sky on the sea always creates great atmosphere in seascape paintings. South Africa is blessed with an enormous shoreline stretching from the desert border with Namibia on the Atlantic coast southward around the tip of Africa and then north to the Mozambique boarder, some 3000km.

Along this shoreline there are many little coastal settlements with lots of history and culture and more importantly, subject matter. Any artists dream, hugely inspiring.

So let's have a look at some of these colourful scenes by Willie Strydom.

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