Inspired Art by Thyrza Stott

How do artists such as Thyrza Stott paint what they do?

In the leading page on Inspired Art the question was asked not directed at techniques and methods they use, but rather at 'What inspires the artist to paint what they do?' What makes them tick?.

It is not uncommon for an artist to focus on a particular theme or topic that over time becomes their 'label'. This is not the case with Thyrza. Yes once in a while a particular theme does re-emerge for her studio. But not without a fresh look.

Thyrza Stott admits that many of topics to her paintings are an integral part of her live and are a reflection of many childhood memories. Where favourite subject matter such as cockerels, clowns and others are frequently repeated in a new light.


Raising Impression


White Face Clowns

So what inspires Thyrza to create such a wide range of art? I guess there is only one person who can answer that question. The answer probably lies not in how she does it,but rather in her answer as to why art is so important to her.

"While I am awake art is my passion and while I sleep its my dream".


Women of Everyday Fame

I guess for the budding artist this may appear to be a tall order to follow. True, but to the artist, art is not that what goes down on canvas but rather the journey needed to paint that canvas. Or, as Thyrza Stott rightly puts it, it becomes an integral, if not an essential part of her life.

Thyrza's distinctive style of painting allows her to create art that is unmatched. With topics that range from storybook fantasies to real life she has created a wide range of charming studies that inspire a wide range of admirers.













Besides these you can see many of her latest works at the monthly Artist's Under the Sun exhibition at the Zoo Lake.

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