The Right Way of Thinking



As the title implies this section is dedicated to a study on the power of creativity.

Firstly, the wording 'right way' could be interpreted in different ways. One, it could be understood to be 'correct'. Therefore it could be read as 'the correct way of thinking'. Alternatively, it could be referring to the creative side of the brain, that being the right hemisphere. Both are possibilities and will be discussed in the coming pages.


Creativity is not something you switch on when it is needed. Or switched off when it is not needed. It is inherently a vital constant in the way we think. From creating a sentence to making a tangible object that will be remembered, our creative powers are continually been called on to play it's part.

Consequently, creativity comes in many forms. Whether through a conscious effect or an unconscious reaction it is unique to every one of us.

In the pages that follow we will be reviewing these boundaries and how the individual can promote their own creative strengths and ability. Be it through art, music, words, numbers or something physical, each one of us is instinctive drawn to satisfy those strengths and abilities.

We are always keen to do something we like doing. And, with success, comes satisfaction. Our confidence in what we are doing gradually grows. That is because over time we learn to do it better. As with learning something logical, your creativity also has to be coached along the way. .

It is often said that to get experience we must make a conscious effect. The tipping point comes when that know-how you have gathered slips into the unconscious and becomes a tool that you can depend upon. Subsequently, the act of doing is now seen as a pleasure, requiring very little effect. And your inner creativity is now free to pursue your passions.

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"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep"

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