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link-show-your-own-art Show Your Own Art Gallery

Are you looking for a market place for your paintings and drawings? Our on-line art gallery is open to every artist worldwide. Become a member and create your own portfolio in a few simple steps. We also have facts about Famous Artists and much more. Welcome in!


The Drawing Factory


The purpose of this web site is to help you develop your drawing and painting skills, nurture your passion for drawing and ultimately help you express yourself as an artist in a original and unique way. You will find an ever growing selection of tutorials, guides, discussions, articles about the world of drawing and painting that will give you ideas and techniques to develop your passion for beautiful & special art.

Easy Oil Painting Techniques


Learn how to paint photo realism the easy way! This 400 year old technique will simply amaze you! For Free! Come on give us a click!


Kathy's Photo Art

Page dedicated to creative photographic art images. Online store with hundreds of instantly available, high quality photographs and artistic impressions. Several categories to choose from.


The Sketchbook Artist

Learn how to draw portraits, figures, and much more. Mainly a drawing website, The Sketchbook Artist is a site for anyone who appreciates art. You'll find tutorials on how to draw (including video) as well as speed drawings and featured artists for your entertainment.

Sleeklens Photoshop Actions

Sleeklens Logo

The Sleeklens mission is to provide second to none customer service, our never ending strive for improvement and the highest quality products. To achieve these core values, we have built a team of top notch photographers and designers who have been working in the photography field for over a decade. Combined, we bring over two centuries of experience to the photography arena. Our belief is that we can always do better and that is why we are always pushing to create new and unique Lightroom and Photoshop products.

Irvin Sammons Photographer

Irvin Sammons Logo

Like everyone has medical aid insurance - EVERYONE needs a photographer!

You need a photographer who understands you - gets to know you, knows your likes and knows how to bring out your very best in a photo.

Irvin's passion for people and animals brings his photography to a dynamic level that reveals the soul. His keen and creative eye helps bring out photo's that speak their own words.


Fine Art Bender

Fine art for life - Original paintings every time.

Fine art is broad and it involves music, dance, theatre as well as different fields of designing. With schools and institutions the curriculum is not complete without this discipline which assists a lot in the growth and development of the mind. A further study of this discipline in more advanced levels creates a career path and a lot of people have succeeded in the various fields like painting, interior designing, photography and others.


New Zealand art by Shaugn David Briggs

Producing paintings that are of high quality and fine detail of New Zealand landscapes and culture.


Inspirational Spiritual Art

Choose from a variety of inspirational spiritual writing to read or spiritual art to give as a thoughtful gift from which you and your friends can gain insights and wisdom as you enjoy the detailed work of award winning spiritual artist Ed Parkinson.


The Drawing Factory

The Art of drawing drawing pencil sketches. A great way to learn how to start drawing.


From Sketch to Oil Painting

Step by step, well illustrated lessons on drawing and painting with an emphasis on oil painting.


Kyle Reynolds Artist

Description Original expressive art by self taught schizophrenic artist Kyle Reynolds.


Exploring Landscape Painting

This site invites you to consider and explore many aspects of landscape painting in an exciting and contemporary way.


Art in Tropical Australia

Is an information site about art, artists, working methods, workshops, galleries and exhibitions in North Queensland, Australia.


Free Online Art Classes

Free Online Art Classes offers information-rich art instruction presented in simple, step-by-step formats that have proven to be successful for students I have taught over the past thirty years. Many of the art lessons have videos that I have created to show how to develop basic skills and techniques.


A guide to innovation and creativity. Learn about the innovation process and improve your creative skills. Offers a discussion on the various forms of innovation, techniques for improving your creativity and an ability to submit your own content.


Doll Makers Dream

What to become a professional artist? Want to learn how to make your own Fine Art Dolls? Amanda teaches beginner sculptors everywhere how to achieve all this with polymer clay- for FREE. With this ever evolving and growing website you will learn how to create and sell your art dolls without having to pay a dime.


Tong's Paper Cutting

Tong's unique original handmade paper-cutting pictures gallery. And also has free online Paper-Cutting art instructions; step-by-step learn how to make folding and cuting, unfolded cut paper cutting pictures, lots of free patterns to practice.


Knitting Instructions For Beginners

Become Knitter In A Day! Learn basic knitting stitches with fun and easy knitting instructions from casting on, knit, purl, decrease knitting, increase knitting, ribbing, cable knitting, binding off and much more. Learn how to knit and practice easy knitting patterns from written and video instructions.


Cartoon-Web Services

Specializes in cartoon, humor, illustration, creative designing, graphics, drawing art, panel cartoons, comic strips, political cartoons for advertising, greeting cards, animation, children books, magazines and journals.


Sandcarving Glass

Glass Etching Secrets has information about sandcaving and what you can do with it on glass, wood, & stone.


Mythical Creatures and Beasts

A list of captivating mythical creatures that either roam the land, lurk deep in the seas or fly in the skies above. Mystic beasts from around the world are collected here and so much more. . .


The Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water. by Ann Heustad, R.N


Juicing With G

Juicing with G is founded by Garrick Dee who in his desire to better his health started his juicing journey. He shares his experience and the recipes he has tried and concocted in his blog. He also actively researches on the benefits of various fruits and vegetables to help his readers with information that they can use to improve their health.

  • Pets of the Realm. If you are an artist; want to be an artist, or just love art. This site is for you.
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  • Lots of amazing creative projects from art to terrariums, dioramas, paper mache and more!

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