This is a tutorial website dedicated to both the practical and creative side of creating drawings and pencil art. I believe that everyone has the potential to become an Artist, limited only by the ability to express his or her passion.

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My work has allowed me to venture into a world of passion and endeavour.

From the Bronze Maidens of Leeds to the rolling sands under the Kalahari breeze is a world where a single notion has the power to live forever.

For the dusty rocks that tower above, to the lengthening shadows of the African plains is a world where love and freedom have no reins.

Be it a world of fantasy and the surreal it is a realm that will loose little of its rightful appeal.

Whether shrouded by a mask of wrinkled hide or draped by a silken disguise there is none so sublime that can conceal the beauty of this world so divine.

Who then can you this world deny, if proof cradles a dream you always had nigh?

Who then can you this world deny, if the empathy secures a passion to uphold the vision of this world below our skies?

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