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Eastern Cape [26]

De Beers Centenary Art Gallery +27(0)406022277
 University of Fort Hare Alice
Wiles Gallery +27(0)466250340
 549 Kowie Road Bathurst
Ann Bryant Art Gallery +27(0)437224044
 9 St Andrew Road, Belgravia East London
Arts Unlimited +27(0)437263355
 6 Bell Road, Vincent East London
Gecko Gallery +27(0)437482758
 73 Bonza Bay Road, Beacon Bay East London
The Vincent Art Gallery +27(0)437264356
 2 Donald Road, Vincent East London
Strydom Gallery +27(0)448744027
 Marklaan Centre, 79 Market Street George
Starways Arts Centre +27(0)459621174
 Booysen Crescent Hogsback
Sembach Contemporary Art Gallery +27(0)422940083
 St Francis Bay Humansdorp
Peter's Art Gallery +27(0)422931671
 18 Da Gama Road Jeffreys Bay
Ffiago Investment Gallery +27(0)443824310
 Knysna Mall, Main str. Knysna
Knysna Art Gallery +27(0)443827124
 Cnr Main & Queen Streets Knysna
Knysna Fine Art +27(0)443825107
 Thesen House, 6 Long Str Knysna
Ibis Art Centre
 Martin Street Nieu-Bethesda
Art Events +27(0)723795933
 51B Cuyler Street, Central Hill Port Elizabeth
Chat Noir +27(0)415811940
 106 Fordyce Rd, Walmer Port Elizabeth
Elaine Hopewell Gallery & Framers +27(0)415855997
 33 Ivy Terrace Port Elizabeth
EPSAC Community Art Centre +27(0)415853641
 36 Bird Street, Central Port Elizabeth
Keith Johns Gallery +27(0)413732480
 52 Westbourne Rd, Central Port Elizabeth
Marbrey Art Gallery +27(0)845293937
 3 Kleinhans St, Despatch Port Elizabeth
Morne Kretschmann Art Gallery +27(0)415810209
 Bloomingdales Village,145 Main Road, Walmer Port Elizabeth
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum +27(0)415062000
 1 Park Drive Port Elizabeth
Rick Becker Gallery +27(0)415812748
 93 Villiers Road, Walmer Port Elizabeth
Ron Belling Art Gallery +27(0)415863973
 30 Park Drive Port Elizabeth
Walter Battiss Gallery +27(0)422430095
 45 Paulet Street Somerset East
Gilman +27(0)475312108
 2 Stanley Nelson Drive Umtata

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